Welcome to my personal blog. I write almost everything in Spanish here as I feel it like my home. If you don't understand something and online translators show weird things, use the comments. Anyway things can go weird here even if you understand Spanish...

Three weeks working with a Chromebook

When I bought the Chromebook, as I wrote in early August, I was aiming it for casual usage. You know, maybe some weekend writing or browsing from the sofa, bringing it to conferences, maybe for note-taking while on meetings, casual gaming even, that kind of stuff. What I was not expecting was to spend on it 8 hours per day on my new job for a full month. I finally received my work computer, so now I’m done with this pal for regular work (I still plan to use it while traveling). Let me share some comments on how these...

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First impressions about HP Chromebook X2 and Chrome OS

For the last years I’ve been using my job laptop as my only personal full computer, since most of my needs where well covered by a great 4 years old Samsung Galaxy Tab S (was an expensive purchase, but totally worth). I had an old workstation that I set up with Windows for my partner, an old laptop that I passed to my mom, and the tablet that I passed to my sister just a few days ago. So when I returned to CARTO aldaia, my beloved Mountain Nickel (best laptop I’ve had, by far), I find myself wondering what...

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This is, with just minor edits, the email I sent to the CARTO team as my farewell message TL;DR Hello everyone, This is a farewell message. I decided it was my time to move on, my last day at CARTO will be next week Wednesday July 17. We have time for anyone who wants to have a chat before I leave, please don’t be a stranger and reach me anytime. You’ll have me always available at @xurxosanz. If you ever come to Valencia and you fancy, ping me and we’ll do some arrós al forn (best Valencian rice ever, much...

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Note: I fucked up with the images and broke all the thumbnails so you'll have to stay with the wordy version sorry!! This is my recap for 2017. You'll see below the images I posted on my Instagram account (click for details) and a few words per month. Be aware that if you go through the full year it'll be around 11 megabytes of pictures (many of them extremely boring) :-). In 2017 I've only finished six books which is really sad, having also abandoned a few more that I will get done over the following months. On the other...

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Movember 2017

Otro año más, y van siete, embarcado en Movember. Si no sabes qué es Movember te dejo abajo un vídeo que te puede servir para hacerte una idea pero en esencia se trata de una iniciativa a nivel mundial para recaudar fondos para avanzar en la investigación de enfermedades masculinas como el cáncer de próstata o testicular. La forma de recaudar fondos es bastante original: se le pide a los hombres que se afeiten el 1 de Noviembre y se dejen crecer el bigote durante ese mes. Como lo de llevar bigote no es habitual se espera que sea motivo...

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Accidente laboral en Mad Cool 2017

Fuente: 20 minutos francés Creo que no voy a poder olvidar la sonrisa de Pedro. El viernes estuve con un compañero de curro en el festival Mad Cool en Madrid. Llegamos un poco tarde pero con tiempo de sobra para pillar el mismo sitio que el jueves, para ver el concierto de Green Day. Llegamos como 45 minutos o una hnora antes de que empezara el concierto. El viernes por fin funcionaban las pantallas a izquierda y derecha del escenario principal, que en ese momento se estaban usando para proyectar algún anuncio y contenidos visuales. Todo OK. Cuando ya no...

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Thoughts about working remotely and some tools I use

It’s been more than a year working from home as an 90% remote for CARTO, a company with main offices in Madrid. I go to the office once per week or so, depending on travels mostly. Thanks to the Spanish high speed train I can go to the office departing at 7 am and be at my desk there around 9:30, then leave the office at 6 pm and be at home before 9 so it’s something totally acceptable being once per week. I don’t think I’d like to be fully remote because even I have a constant contact with...

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Siempre me ha gustado el formato podcast como una forma de escuchar audio a mi ritmo sin tener que depender de horarios. Hace ya tiempo que pagué la suscripción a Pocket Casts porque la combinación que ofrecen de servicio web y aplicación móvil me parecía totalmente ganadora y desde luego así ha sido. La herramienta como tal tampoco merece mucho más que comentar, te permite mantener una lista de programas sincronizada y en el móvil da mucha facilidad para decidir qué quieres descargar de manera que si sé que voy a tener poca conectividad puedo fácilmente descargar un buen montón...

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One of my objectives for this year was to update my website design. I haven’t spent a lot of time on this, just a couple nights after dinner, in short I switched the Bootswatch theme from United to Readable and then tweaked some colors and distances on the CSS, removed a bunch of unused things and finally gave to the frontpage a good review and simplification. I’m quite satisfied with the current look, it’s simpler and clean. Let me know if you like it or not, or if you find anything that looks odd. Leaving here for the records a...

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2016 A photo posted by Jorge Sanz (@xurxosanz) on Jan 10, 2017 at 11:27am PST Bueno tocaba un repaso al 2016 así que ahí va que si sólo enseño las fotos de las 8:36, como dice Ramiro, va a quedar la cosa muy Sopistán xD El año ha sido profesionalmente de los más intensos que he tenido nunca. Durante este año he pasado a hacerme cargo del equipo de soporte en CARTO y no puedo estar más contento con el cambio. Obviamente al asumir esta responsabilidad ahora tengo bastante menos tiempo para tareas técnicas. La verdad es que no creo...

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